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FRANEK/PW/12/W | EAN: 5901350015155
Water fireplace FRANEK PW 12

Fireplace insert FRANEK 12 with a water base and coil is a combination of the functionality of a cast-iron air fireplace and a base that can be connected to a central heating installation. It is equipped with a spacious glazing that gives a large vision of fire.

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Fireplace insert FRANEK 12 with water base and coil is a specific kind of hybrid that combines the functions of a typical aerial fireplace with the capabilities of a water jacket insert. On the flue of the furnace A base with a water jacket and coil was permanently placed creating a coherent heating device.

As a result, part of the thermal energy contained in the flue gas leaving the combustion chamber of the fireplace insert is captured by the base. The water in the base is heated and then transferred to the central heating  system. Thanks to such, with the same amount of fuel, we gain two different ways to heat our home.

The water base with coil is adapted for cooperation with radiator installation and floor heating system powered by central heating appliances for solid fuels, gas, oil, electricity as well as with heat pumps and solar batteries.

The base is made of steel designed for high temperature operation. This material is adapted to work in central heating systems and it ensures high reliability of the device, thermal resistance and long-lasting work. Its central part is the inner chamber in which a system of horizontal tubes, so-called flames is equipped which increase the surface contact of water with the heating medium, i.e. the exhaust gases. Due to such, the base gains the maximum amount of heat from the fumes and transfers it to water. The thermal protection of the device is guaranteed by the coil, which guarantees reliable operation of the entire fireplace.

The waterbase during the operation of the appliance must be connected to the central heating. Installation which means it must be filled with water. Otherwise, it may be damaged.

The device can work in both open and closed systems, with a working pressure of 2 bar.



The insert is equipped with an externally mounted densely spread radiators. Due to such a solution, the heat transfer area to the environment is much higher and at the same time the mass of the fireplace is increased.

The device has a triple combustion chamber venting system, therefore the wood burning process in the insert is ecological and most importantly economical.

The supply of primary air to the insert is performed from the outside due to the built-in air inlet (in size of 125 mm). The air intake is located in the bottom part of the insert.

Secondary air is supplied by the holes in the rear wall of the furnace, which creates an afterburning system. The system is responsible for the burning of the gases and the reduction of harmful substances emissions to the environment. It improves the efficiency of the fireplace, what have a direct influence on very low CO emission.

The device is equipped with a clean glass system – thanks to the so-called air curtain airflow is spread evenly, the glass is sweeped and soot settling is reduced to minimum.This allows you to maintain an effective and clean look of the glass for a long time.

The combustion chamber venting control regulation is independent for all three systems so that the user has better control over the combustion process.



The cast iron front of the insert is equipped with a decorative heat-resistant glass glazing ceramics withstanding temperatures up to 660°C which also has quality and safety certificate. Additionally, this type of finish provides the fireplace a modern and elegant look, which optically enlarges the front of the appliance.

Densely spaced radiators and furnace walls made of high quality 8 mm thick cast iron guarantee safety of operation and maximum use of heat.



The device is additionally equipped with a clean glass system – thanks to the so-called air curtain. The air stream is distributed evenly, sweeps the glass and minimizes the deposition of soot on it. This allows you to maintain a attractive and clean window for a long time.

It is easy to keep the fireplace clean due to the mounted grate and a drawer in which ash accumulates.

What is more, it has a removable fence, which protects the wood from falling out of the furnace and makes it easier to clean the fireplace.



Due to its construction and the triple ventilation system of the combustion chamber, the appliance meets the requirements of ECODESIGN and the BImSchV 2 standard, which sets the maximum CO emission. Additionally, the sealed combustion chamber makes it ideal for homes with recuperators.

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