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Διαθέσιμο σε 5 με 9 εργάσιμες (Ανάλογα τη διαθεσιμότητα)

Κωδικός προϊόντος: LEO/HOME/BOX/LP/45/68/G20/C Κατηγορίες: ,



Do you want to quickly change your home interior so that it takes on an original and expressive character? Are you thinking about a fireplace? But don’t you have any idea how to build it and what time to do it?

We have a solution for you! LEO HOME BOX fireplace is a combination of a modern and ecological LEO gas insert and a ready-made steel construction in black. Choosing our product you are guaranteed warmth, relaxation and a feeling of safety. All this combined with the highest comfort, speed of operation and ecology!

The minimalism of the housing makes it fit perfectly into any interior. The whole is a perfect answer to current trends in interior design. Perfect proportions combined with a unique vision of fire will create a cozy atmosphere.


Especially for the most demanding ones we have created something completely unique. Ready-made LEO HOME BOX fireplace attracts attention with its originality and purity of form, and the beautiful vision of the fire coming from the gas fireplace will delight everyone. The whole definitely goes beyond any schemes, so that our product will perfectly fit into any interior.


We know that you’re a very busy person… Time is a scarce commodity. You don’t have much time, and you want to change the face of your house?

We understand that and we want you to devote as much time as possible to your family and your own pleasures… That’s why we designed our product in such a way that its installation is as fast as possible. The kit consists of a LEO gas cartridge and a modular housing with the accessories necessary for proper installation. A few hours is enough for you to enjoy the warm atmosphere and the view of a dancing fire.


We know that after a hard day at work, you just need to rest, relax. So forget about bringing wood or lighting the fireplace. In LEO it takes literally a second and one click of yours to turn on the fire and enjoy its beautiful view.

You can conveniently control the burning process with the remote control or the app on your smartphone or tablet. Want a bigger flame? No problem! You can either raise or lower the flame, or even program the daily temperature seven days in advance!

What’s important is that the gas fireplace is ready for use again at any time, and no preparation is required to start it up.

By betting on the LEO HOME BOX you get a device that is almost maintenance-free.


We’re all about ecology! When buying our fireplace you care about the environment. You do not contribute to the formation of smog. All this is because gaseous fuel emits very little pollution.

Excellent tightness of the device also makes it suitable for use in houses with recuperation.


Innovative solutions and strict quality control make LEO HOME BOX and LEO HOME BOX give you what is most important in life – peace and security. A hermetically sealed combustion chamber, a system that cuts off the gas supply or a specially designed ceramic burner ensure failure-free operation. You in turn do not worry about anything…

The turbulent times we are living in today require us to pay special attention to ensuring energy security for us and our loved ones. We must have an alternative to the main source of heat. That is why it is all the more important that the LEO fireplace does not require an external power source. It can work even in the absence of power!


In the LEO HOME BOX you can burn both natural gas (mains) and cylinder gas (LPG).

Your house does not have a traditional chimney? That’s no problem either! LEO can be connected to a system of coaxial pipes. Thanks to this installation is possible in rooms without chimney. Just lead the pipe outside the wall or roof. Thanks to that you can install LEO HOME BOX almost anywhere!


LEO HOME BOX is not only a comfort of use and a beautiful, undisturbed vision of fire. It is also an effective source of heating.

Deciding on LEO HOME BOX, you take care of your pocket and also bet on saving! An hour of smoking in our gas fireplace costs only 1.52 PLN!