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Διαθέσιμο σε 5 με 9 εργάσιμες (Ανάλογα τη διαθεσιμότητα)


PATIO/MINI/M/G30/37MBAR/S – EAN:5901350036044

Housing and colour: bottom part of the heater finished in powder coated black steel Dimensions: MINI version Width: 42.7 cm, depth: 42.7 cm, height: 136.60 cm Control: manual


Κωδικός προϊόντος: PATIO/MINI/M/G30/37MBAR/S Κατηγορίες: ,


Elegant Patio Mini

Patio Mini is an elegant gas heating that will bring warmth and light wherever you want to create a unique and warm atmosphere. Its specificity lies in the fact that its fire is visible from the four sides. This makes it a terrace or gas garden lamp, unique.


-lower steel box, heat paint with high quality paint.

-economic – can operate at full power, continuously until 30 hours. .

-In natural fire on the 4 sides. .

-In unique, heat and lighting.

-Sa start-up is very easy and intuitive thanks to a single button located in the lower part of the hearth.

-Deplacement and easy installation thanks to the integrated wheels.

-roues equipped with brakes.

-Fabricated in accordance with European regulations (CE).

-Socle stable in steel, which prevents tilting.

-Spaces minimums between the windows – for better protection of the flame against the wind.

-It is equipped with an advanced manual control system of perfectly secure gas, which protects against uncontrolled fuel leaks.

-Stae of gas hidden in a lockable compartment.

-Facile to clean.

-Emplace to have decorative accessories.

The set contains

-Hauling Patio Mini.

-Stan -tilting.

-roues to move the device (integrated).

-Pitters in secure tempered glass – 5 rooms.

-Supports for the maintenance of windows – 4 rooms.

-Is for the compartment of the gas cylinder – 2 rooms.

-Brûleur and igniter.

-tuaux and regulator to connect the gas cylinder (compatible with the gas chosen during the purchase).

Modern design

The compact and modern design of the mini patio adapts to almost all places. This heating will be an elegant decoration on a terrace or in a garden. It can also be used in the catering and hotel sector to complete the dining area and the lounge area in an attractive way. Thanks to the attractive design and the pleasant heat of the mini patio, the gardens and terraces of houses and restaurants will always be very popular during spring, summer but also fall evenings. A natural vision of fire is ensured by a modern ceramic burner.

comfortable to use

The mini patio does not generate any sound and gives off no odor. Its operation does not affect the circulation of air either, which is particularly important for people with allergies. It can be easily moved and placed at the desired location thanks to its integrated wheels. Once it is placed at the desired location, the wheels must be locked. The device can operate at full power, continuously, up to 30 hours.

The mini patio does not require window cleaning because these are not smoky by fire.

The device is designed for 11 kg bottles. The device is suitable for both propane gas and pure propane gas. Its start -up is very easy and intuitive thanks to a single button located in the lower part of the hearth.

Safety at the highest level

The mini patio is powered by liquid gas from a bottle that is hidden in the case. The flames are locked in a glass envelope that protects from direct contact with fire. This allows you to admire the magnificent flame set, all being entirely under control.

The device is equipped with 4 mm thick tempered glass.

The lower part of the device housing is made of heat -bodied steel. The higher structure of heating guarantees protection of flames against the wind. In addition, it uniformly directs the heat generated towards the four sides.

The Patio Mini has been equipped with a special anti-tank valve which automatically cuts the gas supply to the regulator in the event of a drop in the device, extinguishing the flame. The device does not depend on an electrical installation, so you can be sure that it will illuminate the terrace or the garden even in the event of a power failure.