709 €Καθαρή Αξία

879,16 Με Φ.Π.Α

Διαθέσιμο σε 5 με 9 εργάσιμες (Ανάλογα τη διαθεσιμότητα)


PATIO/SLC/G30/37MBAR/S/CZ – EAN:5903751159636
Available colors: black and white
Rated output: 8.2 kW
Heating power range:  4.8 – 8.2 kW
Material: steel and glass
Fuel type: liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
Glazing type: corner

Weight: 26 kg
Width: 41.8 cm
Height: 150.4 cm
Depth: 41.8 cm

Κωδικός προϊόντος: PATIO/SLC/G30/37MBAR/S/CZ Κατηγορίες: ,



Do you want to quickly transform your favorite places, what are your garden, your terrace or your balcony so that they have an original and distinctive character? Opt for PATIO LIGHT Gas Heating! It is not only a unique decoration, but also a heat source that allows you to create a particular atmosphere!

Specially designed for the most demanding people, we have created a unique garden lamp. The PATIO LIGHT draws attention with its minimalism and a concern for exceptional detail, while the sublime vision of the flames will enchant everyone. The lower part of the envelope is finished with heat -legged steel panels, and the entire finish is permanently leaving the beaten track. This Patio will make your garden, your terrace or your balcony completely unique. All those who will visit you will be delighted with the beauty and warmth of patio heating! Your favorite places will become objects of lust!



– PATIO is extremely economical – it can operate at full power, continuously, up to 30 hours.

– Natural vision of fire on 4 sides. .

– Unique atmosphere, heat and lighting.

– Its start up is very easy and intuitive thanks to a single button.

– Materials for manufacturing the highest quality.


– Made in accordance with European regulations (CE).

– Steel base, which prevents tilting.

– Minimum spaces between the windows – for better protection of the flame against the wind.

– It is equipped with an advanced system for manual gas control, perfectly secure, which protects against uncontrolled fuel leaks.

– Gas bottle hidden in a lockable compartment ..

& nbsp;

The set contains

– Patio Light Gas Heating

– Secure tempered glass windows – 4 rooms.

– Stahl hood

– Pipe and regulator to connect the gas cylinder (compatible with the gas chosen during the purchase).

Use comfort

Fire in a second? With patio, it’s possible! A single click is enough to enjoy the heat and beauty of the flames. It is important to note that you can adjust and extinguish the flame at any time.

Patio requires practically no maintenance – just install it at the desired location. The Patio Light heater is equipped with wheels, thanks to which it can be easily moved to any place on the terrace. You can also forget the cleaning of the windows – the fire does not dirty them, so you will always benefit from a breathtaking view of the fire.

Economic and ecological


We also take care of your money. Patio is extremely economical – it can operate at full power, continuously, up to 30 hours.